About Us

Welcome to Mackay Creatives

Mackay Creatives is a community of creative people who like to share what they do with others and who also like to know what’s going on… It has been designed to improve the online presence and internet marketing skills of local artists and art organisations. Mackay Creatives aims to bring people together, to share what’s going on and to promote creativity, tourism and cultural activity in the Mackay region.

We invite you to be part of this growing community, to share your events, tell us and show us what you do. You can browse the home page, for arts news and a directory of artists, or join us now!

Mackay Creatives is a community-led project supported by Mackay Regional Council.


2018 Management Committee

Wanda Bennett
Catherine Clark Dowden
Fiona Vuibeqa
Brigitte Zimmermann
Pam Hutley
Bronwyn Grannall

For more information contact us (Please note: to make contact with a specific artist, go to their individual home page and send a message via their contact form.)